• • frequently asked questions

  • how do i get my product simplehuman record?

  • to register, please fill out the product registration form. the store where you purchased the product with the example of a receipt and the document showing the purchase date, for example, should be a store receipt. a copy of this document may be asked of you in exchange for warranty service.

  • how do i run my soap pump perfect?

  • to run the first soap pump (4 "AA" quality batteries required) . battery polarity should be placed correctly (+ / -) more than half of the soap container with soap & lotion should be filled.

    shedding soap dish:

    • turn the display adjustment knob to 4 which is below the sensor soap dish
    • place the sensor soap dish where to be used and wait indicator light to flash, the indicator light then goes off.
    • when you put your hand under the sensor, the system will automatically be activated and soap will come with the density you want. this will repeat each process.

    For automatic soap dispenser:

    when you hold down the button on the sensor constantly, soap is released manually.

  • what kind of soap should i use with my sensor soap dish?

  • sold in hypermarkets certified, compatible with many hand soap, dish soap, automatic soap dispenser, even lotions as well.

    • too heavy / thick creams,
    • mouthwash products, toner / astringent or other diluent liquids,
    • any natural or flaky / grains - natural products / small -piece products humid
    • all types of foam soaps

    we also ask you to avoid the use of any kind of gel. if you use a gel (eg hand dezanfekte , styling products which , like aloe vera) clear end of the mouth of your soap dish with warm water and wipe. you soap dish will not work when plugged because of dry gel.

  • how do I clean the sensor soap dish?

  • sensor soap is cleaned by cloth with soap prepared with warm water. if you want to clear the soap tank , fill the tank only with water and after rinse it. please DO NOT run the soap dish during the cleaning and rinsing process! this process can damage your soap dish.

  • are there any other things to put in my sensor soap dish?

  • densities should not be put too thick or too thin . water, aqueous liquids, materials or mouthwash may cause damage to the soap dish run. (some foam soaps!, and options) as well as soaps or lotions , small grain cereal or vegetable products , small -grain products , humidifiers should not be used in case of little tiny ones, it may cause damage or clog and break down.